Tools in Front End 

Google’s Java script Test Runner and natural Choice for testing Angular js. In addition to
allowing you to run your tests on real browers (including phone and Tablet browers) it is
also a test framework agnostic. which means that you can use it in conjunction with any
test framework like Jasmine,Qunit,Mocha among others

Test framework in which we write our tests.

Yeoman is a tool set containing a 3 components (Grunt,bower,and scaffolding tool YO).
YO generates boilerplate code with the help of generators(which are just scaffolding templates)
and automatically configure Grunt,bower for your project. you can find generators for almost
any JavaScript framework (Angular , ember, backbone).


Grunt is a task runner which automates several repetitive tasks such as minification,compilation
build,testing,and setting up a preview of your angularjs application.

Gulp is also a test runner. like grunt.


is a package manager that helps you find and install your application dependencies. such as
css frameworks and javascript libraries, and so on. it runs over git and avoid manually downolad
and the updates dependencies.


End-to-End Testing e2e testing framework.