Tools in Front End

Karma ========== Google's Java script Test Runner and natural Choice for testing Angular js. In addition to allowing you to run your tests on real browers (including phone and Tablet browers) it is also a test framework agnostic. which means that you can use it in conjunction with any test framework like Jasmine,Qunit,Mocha among others … Continue reading Tools in Front End


Security in Angular js

If you talk to the server via https, you don't have a problem with replay attacks. My suggestion would be to leverage your server's security technology. For example, JavaEE has an out-of-the-box login mechanism, declarative role-based protection of resources (your REST endpoints) etc. These are all managed with a set of cookies and you don't … Continue reading Security in Angular js


Sanity checking with ng-strict-di The ng-strict-di directive is new and extremely simple to understand. When declaring the parent DOM node for your application, if ng-strict-di is included in that element, functions without the minification-safe dependency injection syntax will fail to execute. How to do it… Using the ng-strict-di directive is as simple as adding an extra attribute to your ng-app node, as follows: (app.js) … Continue reading ng-strict-di